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Freequently Asked Questions:
Will I receive the same service and promotion as a new DIRECTV or Dish Network subscriber going through Denver Satellite Dish as I would calling Dish Network or DIRECTV main customer service?

Absolutely! We are an authorized retailer for both DIRECTV and Dish Network, and must adhere to all of their business rules and promotional offers to maintain our license. We like to think we actually offer better,  more focused customer service  before and after you subscribe.

How will the weather affect my satellite dish service?

Let's de-mystify this. A properly installed dish system will rarely go out, no more than cable TV goes out. On occasion, during the winter when Colorado gets it's snow storms, a dish can be covered with snow. Drier snow isn't so much an issue, but the thick wet snow if it sticks to an already frozen dish can cut down signal level. This usually only occurs once or twice a year, and the signal usually returns very shortly after. If the dish is accessible, you can wipe off the snow and the signal will return immediately. Denver Satellite Dish .com offers an additional option for remote dish locations of a satellite dish heater at wholesale cost to new customers. A satellite dish heater will insure you never have to worry about a service outage due to snow. Rain is not an issue for a properly installed satellite dish system. A severe thunderstorm directly in front of a dish can reduce signal for a few minutes.

Can I get DIRECTV or Dish Network satellite TV service in my apartment, condo or townhome?

Absolutely! There are some general guidelines. Some complexes and HOAs require that we mount your satellite dish within the boundry of your patio or balcony. This is not a problem as long as you have a clear "line of site" to the sky from the dish location. In Colorado, for Dish Network, that means south/southwest exposure and for DIRECTV, south/southeast exposure. Additionally, your management or HOA may require that we do not penetrate the building to bring the satellite cable into the home. In these cases, we use a special high frequency flat coax adaptor to enter through a door or window, allowing you to completely close the window or door. Most importantly, Federal Law prohibits management or the HOA from dis-allowing installation of your own private satellite dish within the guidlines and boundries of your property.

How do I get DIRECTV HD programming?

DIRECTV HD service is now FREE for new DIRECTV customers, for as long as you stay a DIRECTV customer. To get HD, first make sure you have a High-Def TV. When you order Directv, add HD service to your TV package as well as an HD or HD DVR receiver. With DIRECTV HD, you have access to the most full-time HD channels on any satellite or cable TV provider, the most movies in 1080p HD (the same stunning picture quality as Blu-ray™), theater-quality Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, the most sports in HD and your local channels in HD.

If you're already a DIRECTV customer and don't have HD service, you can upgrade online by signing  in to "My Account," and then go to "My Services" and select "High Definition (HD)."

I see a message on my TV screen that says "searching for satellite signal, please stand by". What does this mean?

Possible Causes

  • A signal isn't getting from your dish to your receiver. This may be a cabling problem.
  • Your dish isn't picking up a signal.
  • Your receiver is getting a signal but it isn't processing the signal correctly.
  • A severe storm has temporarily interfered with the signal.



  • Reset your receiver by turning it off and unplugging it. Wait 15 seconds, then plug it back in and turn it on.
  • Check all the connections on the back of your receiver, starting with the SAT-IN connection, and make sure they're secure.
  • If you can easily see your satellite dish, check to make sure that there's nothing blocking the line of sight from the dish to the sky.


How to troubleshoot a black or snowy screen with Directv service:

Your screen is black. When you change channels, you may get the information bar with program title and description.

Possible causes

  • Your TV is not receiving or displaying the signal from your DIRECTV® Receiver.
  • Your receiver has correct guide information, but is not processing video correctly.
  • You are viewing a channel where an upcoming sporting or special event is scheduled or has recently ended.



  • Turn TV off and on.
  • Turn DIRECTV Receiver off and on.
  • Make sure light on front panel of receiver is lit.
  • Press the "TV/DSS" button on the remote control or front panel of the receiver (not all receivers have this option).
  • Reset the receiver by unplugging the power cord for 15 seconds.
  • Check all cable connections between the dish, receiver and TV.


If the picture is black, but the program title and description display in a banner the top of the screen:

    If the problem is only occurring on a few channels, check the detailed description of the program through the on-screen guide on those channels. Often, we display a blank screen with a banner before and after a high-profile event to alert customers about the event.
  • Reset the receiver by turning off and unplugging the power cord for 15 seconds.
  • Run a signal meter test to check your signal strength (press "menu" and look under "setup" or "installation").


If your signal strength is below 70 (or below 60 on HD receivers) in clear weather on transponders 1 and 2, see our troubleshooting steps for"searching for satellite signal, please stand by" You may see zero strength on transponders 4, 12, 18, 20, 26 and 28. This is normal in many areas. Your system manual shows how to run cables and point your dish.

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