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TV Installation

Denver Digital specializes in installation of a variety of flat panel/flat screen and projector TV systems. Everything from ceiling mounts, flat mounts, tilt mounts and articulating mounts for both your residence and commercial establishment. Custom installation is our specialty, and our rates are very competitive. Call us today at (303) 472-5077 for a free estimate or contact us here.

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In this photo above, the residential customer requested the flat panel TV be mounted high above the fireplace. Notice how all cables and the power outlet are completely hidden from view.

A 42 inch flat panel TV we mounted in a local bank lobby. This TV is mounted on a special articulating mount with a slot inside for the satellite receiver so that everything is hidden completely from view, a nice clean look.

A 46 inch flat screen TV mounted in a local bank office, flush flat mount.

This is a 32 inch LCD flat screen TV we mounted in the lobby/Teller line at a local bank using a ceiling mount. The TV can swivel left and right for the desired angle, as well as tilt up and down.

A 100 inch LCD 1080p projector we installed in a residential home theater.

Epson LCD 1080p home theater projector installation.

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